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Image by Alexey O

Our Mission...

Sharing the spirit, values and practices of dance through education, presentation and creation in our communities for everyone's benefit. 

Dance is a vibrant and integral aspect of the social and cultural fabric of our communities with high quality educational performance, and creative opportunities available for all. TC/DC works with communities as a hub for dance across Northern Saskatchewan and is a force for enriching the health and well-being of residents, building community and advancing Truth and Reconciliation. 



Equity: opportunities for everyone.

Access: no barriers to our programs and services.

Participation: being involved in whatever way you choose.

Respect: everyone's perspectives and experiences are valued.

Imagination: its spirit underpins all our work.

Passion: it inspires our committment.

Sustainable: here for the long term.

Collaboration: to work willingly with everyone who shares our values and goals. 

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